New York - International Fashion Week 2019

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

September 10, 2019 – Indonesian rising designer, Nola Marta, presented at INTERNATIONAL Fashion Weeks 2019 in New York city. The namesake brand showed a collection of 12 fabulous looks of Tapis and Maduaro creation. The collection chose the title “A Season of Change”, which represents Nola Marta (as both the brand and the designer) journey in the fashion world, from the style searching years to the beginning of collaborative designs with local artisans.

Tapis is a technique of applying thread on fabric from Lampung, Indonesia. Maduaro is an embroidery technique using golden thread, also from Lampung, Indonesia. Nola Marta combined both techniques beautifully in her couture collection. The collection boasts mostly hand-stitched and natural-dyed apparels.

Tapis and Maduaro are traditional techniques that have become less and less practiced by the locals in Lampung. When they are used, they are mostly applied on weaved fabrics that would be worn as sarongs and scarfs. Nola Marta collection offers a groundbreaking touch: applying both techniques on leather, as well as on silk. Giving modern touch to the wearable couture, Nola Marta introduces the traditional techniques to global fashion market.

INTERNATIONAL Fashion Weeks (IFW) is created by the World Fashion Council (WFC) and marketed by BLADI Media Group (BMG). IFW supports the growing community of artists and designers that are a part of the cultural renaissance worldwide and bringing them to international stages. Therefore, Nola Marta exposé to such international platform raises her profile in the world. Nola Marta collection runway show took place in 4W43 building in Manhattan on September 6, 2019 from 6.30pm to 7.00pm.

Nola Marta participation at IFW was supported by her patrons and BEKRAF (Creative Economy Agency of the Republic of Indonesia).


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